Research Themes

The research federated by WAPLAC covers a wide range of areas related to welfare policies, inequality and political economy. Some of the research areas include the following. This list is non-exclusive and just as our network, it is prone to future growth and development.

Social-fiscal policies and welfare systems

Welfare systems and their link to policy are at the crossroads of cutting edge research among our members as well as scholars and practictioners in the world.

Labor markets, wage dynamics, working conditions

Comprehending the complex interwining of labor markets, wages and workers' conidtions is essential to our network and to today's economy

Income distribution, inequality, and well-being

Growing inequality, redistribution and mispereceptions stand at the key of comprehending objective and subjective well-being for our members.

Political economy, voting attitudes, policy compliance, societal change

To further grasp societal change, disentangling subjects like political economy, the determination of voting preferences and compliance towards policy is another key theme of our network.