WAPLAC is an initiative to federate research in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

WAPLAC is an initiative to federate research in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The Network on Welfare and Policy in Latin America and the the Caribbean is a platform that aims to bring together scholars, practitioners and policy makers, bringing together experts from LAC countries and European partner institutions working on these topics..

WAPLAC is a network of researchers and policy makers that aims to​

(I) Promote access to analytical tools for welfare and policy research in the region (data, microsimulation models, etc.),

 (II) Facilitate knowledge exchange between LAC and international scholars to encourage collaborative work, 

(III) Diffuse research and policy analyses while increasing the visibility of individual LAC researchers thanks to a broad and well-connected WAPLAC community, 

(IV) Encourage comparative work for many LAC countries (for instance to learn from neighbor countries and alternative systems when considering tax-benefit systems, sources of inequality, causes of social unrest or noncompliance, etc.).

What WAPLAC does

Panels at international conferences

Disseminating our member's research at high profile conferences


Organizing an annual workshop to enable further collaboration as well as enhancing compatibility amongst reserachers in Latin America

Diffusion of member's works

Knowing what others are doing enables the reduction of informaiton costs, promotes cooperation and enhances efficiency

A series of working Papers

We would like to provide a platform as well as a setting to share cutting-edge ongoing research

We think you can be part of our network

If you are a public or private practitioner, interested in the research conducted by our experts and you wish to collaborate with us