Lelys Dinarte-Diaz

World Bank

Dr. Lelys Dinarte-Diaz is a research economist in the World Bank's Development Research Group, research affiliate at the IZA Network and HiCN and research fellow at CESifo Research Network. She holds a Ph.D. and master’s in economics from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and a BA from ESEN in El Salvador, the country where she was born and raised. Her research agenda revolves around three main questions: (1) Do parenting programs and investments in early childhood yield positive outcomes for both parents and children? (2) What interventions are effective in addressing violent behaviors and promoting the well-being of adolescents? (3) How can educational services be enhanced in settings that are fragile and affected by conflict? Additionally, she explores other topics such as improving data collection through experiments, among other areas of interest. To investigate these questions, she is conducting both experimental and non-experimental studies in various regions, including Latin America, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and South Saharan Africa. Her articles have been published in journals such as Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Development Economics, World Development, and Economic Development and Cultural Change, among others.