Lourdes Montesdeoca


Lourdes is a PhD candidate in Development Economics at FLACSO-Ecuador. She holds a master's degree in Applied Econometrics from Monash University (Australia) and another master's degree in research from FLACSO. She is an economist from Universidad Central and has worked in key Ecuadorian state institutions such as the Central Bank of Ecuador, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Economic Policy, Planning and Development Secretariat, Internal Revenue Service, and the Institute of Statistics and Censuses. Additionally, she has collaborated on joint projects with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), World Bank, and the European Union. She serves as a lecturer at various universities and institutes, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Ecuador.In terms of research related to SDGs, she delves into the field of welfare economics, highlighting the microsimulation model of taxes and transfers for Ecuador (Ecuamod) and the design and impact evaluation of tax interventions.
Currently, she is conducting research on behavioral economics applied to income tax payment. Specifically, her focus is on the effects of interventions by the Tax Administration (nudges), the persistence of these interventions over time, and the differences in compliance between individuals and companies.